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Colorful, lively drinking glass with dots in vivid pastel colors.

The perfect addition to the Confetti carafe - for more individuality and joie de vivre on your dining table! Available individually or as a set of 2.

Drinking glass "Confetti"

  • The Confetti drinking glass is approx. 6-7 cm high and, thanks to its slightly conical shape, can be stacked. Diameter above: approx. 9 cm. Capacity approx. 250 ml

    Characteristic "staple mark" on the bottom: a small mark through the transfer from the glassmaker's pipe to the staple iron. The booklet mark is a quality feature for hand-made, hand-blown glass.

  • Not suitable for very hot liquids - please do not pour boiling water, otherwise the glass may shatter. (I personally enjoy my coffee in a confetti drinking glass every morning - so it can definitely be used for warm drinks)


    In principle, the glass is dishwasher safe; it it still thankful though when washed by hand in order to maintain its brilliance.

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