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Colorful, handcrafted one-of-a-kind vase with color spots in lovely pastel tones.


Available in two variants, each with two different contrasting lip wraps to choose from: Soft Pastel with a subtle rim in "Powder Beige" or "Mint" & Poppy Pastel with a contrasting rim in juicy Turquoise or vibrant Opal Red.


Height: approx. 24-27 cm, Diameter: approx. 10-11 cm

Object Vase "Confetti", XL

Lip Wrap
  • Individual, handcrafted one-of-a-kind piece, freely formed at the hot glass furnace.


    Characteristic mark on the bottom through the transfer from the glassmaker's pipe to the iron. This is not a damage but rather a quality feature for handcrafted, mouthblown glass.


    As part of its handmade qualities, the vases vary in height and diameter - sometimes they are slimmer and higher, sometimes wider and lower. The size information is therefore to be understood as a guide and will always differ slightly. The color spots are also individual on each unique item.


    All vases can be perfectly combined with other items from the Confetti Collection.

  • Due to its small opening, the vase object is ideal for dried flowers. Depending on the size of the opening: filling the vase with water is not recommended, as it is sometimes difficult to clean (e.g. a small bottle brush) or to dry from the inside.

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