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Cylindrical flower vase with monochrome color speckles in soft white and beige tones - the ideal companion for beautiful spring and summer bouquets.


Different harmonious tones of the same color family are combined in one vase, so that each vase is wonderfully lively - a unique eye-catcher in which juicy bouquets of flowers come into their own.

A subtle play of colors results from the bundling of the different nuances towards the bottom, where they sometimes cut, overlap and intersect. The patches of color are gently tapering towards the top, which gives the vase a beautiful lightness.

Flower vase "Mono", Offwhite X Tobacco

  • Height approx. 20 cm

    Diameter approx. 14 cm


    Individual, hand-made one-offs - freely formed at the hot glass furnace.


    Characteristic mark on the bottom due to the transfer from the glassmaker's pipe to the iron. The mark is a characteristic feature of handcrafted, mouthblown glass.


    Due to the craftsmanship, the vases vary slightly in height and diameter - sometimes they are slimmer and higher, sometimes wider and lower. The size information is therefore to be understood as a guide and will always differ slightly. The patches of color are also very individual on each unique item.

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